You Can't Have it Both Ways, Obama


This cartoon would be funny if it weren’t so true.

Therefore, it is disturbingly sad.

If you’re going to demand all gun owners be judged by other gun owners (criminals, terrorists, illegals, etc.) then all muslims must be judged by the actions of other muslims.


The sick, twisted truth of the situation is that our president is putting those who will never abide by gun laws above all American citizens who would never think of breaking gun laws. By refusing to acknowledge the truth about Islamic terrorism, commuting sentences of more criminals than the past six presidents combined, mansplaining (and I use that term fairy lightly) how gun owners are ‘more likely to hurt themselves‘ than they are to save themselves with their guns and blaming “the gun lobby” for murders committed by people who are the absolute antithesis of who the members of and what the gun lobby really is, Obama is being the petulant child who stomps his feet while repeating the same shrill, non-sensical discussion points that have nothing to do with the situation or reality.

For the rest of the adult American population, the practice of talking out of both sides of your mouth would get you fired, divorced, ruin your reputation, publicly humiliated or punched.


For Barack Obama and the rest of the Teflon Democrat Dons – it’s just another day in office.

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