Battle Creek Bombers Hit a Home Run With 2A Night at the Ball Field

The baseball team Battle Creek Bombers are taking the field to send a strong message to gun-grabbers looking to infringe on their right to keep and bear arms: Nothing is more American than baseball, apple pie and the right to keep and bear arms!


The Michigan baseball team is hosting a “2nd Amendment Education Night” at their 7 p.m. game at the C.O. Brown Stadium in Battle Creek tonight to promote gun safety, and they’re encouraging gun owners in attendance to open carry. The Bombers asked Freedom Firearms to sponsor and host the game six months ago.

“It’s as American as baseball and apple pie,” Joel Fulton, co-owner of Freedom Firearms, said of bearing firearms. “And firearms are part of the fabric of our society.”

He said the game, which is also Boy Scout Night at the stadium, will feature displays offering information about Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights, how to properly store firearms, and general firearms safety. It will include the NRA’s Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program, which advises youngsters who see a gun not to touch it and to go tell a grown up, he said.

“Everything is focused on awareness, avoidance and safety – the proper rules of handguns in society,” Fulton said. “This is about being proactive. This is about taking personal responsibility for my own safety.”


The Bombers have said ticket exchanges will be available for anyone who doesn’t wish to attend tonight’s event and there will be extra security for the game, however Fulton clarified that does not include additional security provided by the police department.

“With all of the controversy that seems to be surrounding this event, if the anti–gunners are correct in their assessment of firearm owners and firearms in general, nobody in that stadium should make it out alive,” Fulton said. “In contrast, what I think you will find is whoever attends that game is in the safest place in Michigan.”

Appropriately, Tom Lambert, President of Michigan Open Carry Inc., will be throwing out tonight’s first pitch.

Play ball!!!

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