Texas Representative Louie Gohmert Tells Dems to 'Focus'

Texas Representative Louie Gohmert had some pretty strong words in response to House Democrats and their temper tantrum childish antics this week.

Gohmert confronted Florida Democrat Corinne Brown on Wednesday night during the House Democrats’ sit-in demonstration on the U.S. House floor, shouting “We are talking about radical Islam! Radical Islam killed these people!”


Democrats shouted back at Gohmert’s claim by blindly chanting, “No fly, no gun!” and “Don’t let terrorists have a gun!”

Speaking with Charles Payne on FOX News on Thursday, Gohmert remained adamant about calling out such behavior and not ignoring it as some of his fellow representatives suggested they should do:

“There have been a couple of canings over the history of the Congress. There have been shouting matches, but to have one party take over and deprive another party under the rules of their rights to speak on the House floor, their rights to go forward, grabbing microphones and preventing the other side from having those microphones when we tried to go into session, it was really outrageous. And some of our folks were saying…look, let’s just ignore them.

“No. We’re in the right here.”

Gohmert remained on topic and committed to his belief Democrats “weren’t standing up for rights, they were taking away rights.”

Watch the full interview:

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