Live via Sky News: Crowder Gets Louder on Gun Rights

My friend Steven Crowder… I mean, what can you say about him?

He’s comical and common sensical, he’s outlandish and outspoken, plus he’s just a downright hoot!


But for all his wacky stunts and hilarious antics, Steven is immensely knowledgeable of the wide variety of topics – including gun rights.

Cue Sky News host British McStuffy Pants who invited Crowder on air to discuss the House Democrats’ sit-in for gun control.

Although McStuffy Pants tried his darnedest to steer the conversation using incorrect terminology and outright falsehoods, Crowder stuck in there for the entire segment, finally working the conversation back toward the real issue of gun rights and domestic terrorism.

Watch Crowder debate this SkyNews host on gun control:

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