You Won't Believe What Charlie Rangel Said About Your gun Rights!

In the land of New York values, only a select few are able to ‘earn’ the right to self defense and protection with guns.

And how they ‘earn’ it is shocking.


On Monday, federal prosecutors arrested and charged four NYPD officials for accepting trips, expensive gifts and prostitutes from two Brooklyn men in exchange for police escorts, privileged access and gun licenses.

If that isn’t disturbing enough, The Daily Caller reached out to Representative Charlie Rangel for a comment on the difficulty of getting a concealed carry permit in New York City and how rare it is for such permits to be issued by the NYPD.

Rangel replied, “I’m glad to hear you say that very few people get it.”

“We don’t need that many guns,” he continued. “I didn’t know that briberies were involved in getting a gun, and that is wrong, but overall, if it is difficult to get a concealed weapon permit, I’m glad to hear that.”

“Law-abiding citizens just shouldn’t have to carry a gun. You’re not gonna push me in that direction,” he said.


When TheDC pointed out to Rangel that he was making his statements while standing just five feet from a Capitol Police officer, who stood at his post by the House Speaker’s Lobby, he laughed at his own hypocrisy.

“Well that’s a little different.  I think we deserve–I think we need to be protected down here.” Rangel chuckled.

Hear Rangel’s comments for yourself and tell us what you think of what he said:

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