Democrats Disrupt House Of Representatives Over Gun Control... Again

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Democrats disrupted the House of Representatives again Thursday in another terrible twos-like temper tantrum thrown over the Republicans preventing them from further suppressing our Constitutional rights to due process and keep and bear arms.

The Democrats, who held a House Rules-Breaking Occupy the House sit-in last month, started showing up on the House floor Thursday afternoon and took turns showing photos of victims of crimes committed with guns and asking that the House bring up the Democrats’ flawed so-called gun control bills. As each request was rejected, another Democrat would stand and repeat the request.

They were allowed to do this for about two hours before Republicans stopped them.

Speaker Paul Ryan said that Republicans are still working on a package of anti-terrorism bills that includes gun legislation, but “We’re not going to rush it . . . We’re going to get it right.” That was after Conservatives voiced concerns with the bill Ryan was planning to bring to the floor.

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Oct 21, 2021 9:30 PM ET