These People are Fanning the Flames of Hate From the Comfort of Their Safe Spaces

Social media can fuel a lot of things; discussion, ability to network with people around the world, the popularity of cat memes and funny videos – but one thing it’s fueling today is praise for the man who gunned down 12 people resulting in 5 deaths in an attack on Dallas police officers.


On Facebook page dedicated to the shooter, one member posted: “Rip Micah!!!! Something had to give. To many blacks you are a hero. Sad for those officers but it’s been sad for the black community in years.”

One meme on the page even attempts to compare the shooter with law-abiding, white NRA members:
Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 12.49.55 PM

With so much uncertainty in America today, one thing is for sure – the divisiveness will only deepen and resentment on both sides will continue to grow unless somebody steps in to bring both sides together for a common good.

The common good, in this case, is to end the senseless killing of innocent people. 

That being said, is there an entity or person out there who you feel is doing advocacy work to achieve this? Is anyone being successful in their community who will step forward to share their experience with others across the nation and would other communities even welcome such an opportunity?


I fear this will only continue to worsen, but I hope that as a country, we can work together to educate and empower others to make a positive impact in communities throughout the nation.

Lord knows that directive has not and will not come from our own White House.

Once again, the solution to a crisis in America sits squarely on the shoulders of ‘We the People’.

Let’s start a discussion on what we can do to better this situation; through education, community out reach programs, gun safety training, advocating for criminal justice reform, supporting organizations like the Office Justice and Delinquency Prevention and taking every opportunity to shut down ignorant rhetoric we see on social media.

I don’t want to see any more police officers or innocent civilians shot or killed, so I’m willing to step up – are you?

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