Lynch Addresses the Mob

In her response to the brutal attack on Dallas police which left 7 wounded and 5 officers dead, Attorney General Loretta Lynch urged the Black Lives Matter movement not to be “discouraged by those who would use your lawful actions as a cover for their heinous violence.”

….because that’s what she’s concerned about following an ambush on law enforcement.

Throughout her Friday statement, she zig-zagged between her calls for more political protests, her suggestions that cops should be blamed for the high number of African-Americans killed during interactions with law enforcement, and her calls for less violence during political protests.

“After the events this week, Americans across the country are feeling a sense of helplessness, of uncertainty, of fear. Now, these feelings are understandable and they are justified. But the answer must not be violence. The answer must never be violence,” Lynch said.

“Rather, the answer must be action: calm, peaceful, collaborative and determined action. Calm, peaceful, collaborative and determined action. We must continue working to build trust between communities and law enforcement. We must continue working to guarantee every person in this country equal justice under the law,” she said.

Rather than encouraging both parties to work together and work toward a common goal, she addressed the need for gun control, saying, “… and we must take a hard look at the ease at which wrongdoers can get their hands on deadly weapons, and the frequency with which they use them,” Lynch concluded.

Gee, I certainly feel more secure – don’t you?