[WATCH] Sheriff Clarke's Hard-Hitting Response to Dallas Shooting

Wisconsin’s Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke held nothing back in his response to the horrific deadly attack against police officers in Dallas last night.


“What can you say? This is horrible…beyond belief for the American law enforcement officers.

I want to know, have we heard from the cop-hater in chief yet on this? I know we heard from Mrs. Bill Clinton who threw up the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter yesterday.

They exploited the situation, the two situations in Louisiana and Minnesota, horrible no doubt, but when the commander in chief opens his mouth and sticks his foot in it, he starts exploiting things that just don’t exist. He has no evidence or data or research to support any disparity treatment by the American police officer and that’s the thing I’m talking about.”

The good sheriff had more  President Obama’s inflammatory remarks on two recent officer-involved shootings in his interview with FOX News, saying, “He (Obama) didn’t cause this, but you know what, he fuels this sort of misplaced anger.”

Watch Sheriff Clarke’s entire interview and let us know if you agree with his assessment of the way the Obama administration routinely using shootings, which have little or even the opposite cause to others, in his mounting political progression of gun control in America:

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