Media Fans Flames Of Racism

Colion Noir’s latest NRA News piece ‘Media Fans Flames of Racism’ hits back at anti-gun media outlets who are working to create a news story out of the NRA’s refusal to rush to judgment in the shooting death of Philando Castile. These people are attempting to fit racism into a non-story by twisting it to claim the organization “doesn’t care about black people.”


If any organization acts in a racist manner towards my gun rights, it’s you, the national news media.

You call the NRA racist, while in the same breath telling blacks like me that we shouldn’t own guns because we can’t be trusted to not just kill each other.

Name one thing the NRA does to make it harder for black people to access their Second Amendment rights.

Go ahead. Name one. You can’t.

Because unlike you, the NRA actually fights for my rights.

Just like it fought for Shaneen Allen, Josephine Byrd, Otis McDonald—all of them. But no one knows who I’m talking about because you ignored those stories, the same way you try to ignore me now.

The Democratic Party invented gun control after slavery to keep guns out of the hands of black people—and they haven’t stopped since. But you don’t tell that story, either.

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