Grand Jury Returns Verdict on Homeowner who Shot Former NFL Player

The owner of a multi-million dollar home in Portland, OR will not face charges for shooting former NFL Detroit Lions cornerback Stanley Wilson II.

Police say Wilson was shot after Southwest Portland resident Robert McCall discovered the former NFL player trying to break into his home on Southwest Humphrey Boulevard on June 22, 2016. The homeowner alerted authorities to the shooting and when police arrived at the residence, they found Wilson naked in the homeowner’s fountain, suffering from a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

Multnomah County Chief Deputy District Attorney Don Rees told The Oregonian on Tuesday that the grand jury had found McCall’s use of force was justified and confirmed the homeowner will not face any charges.

Oregon Revised Statute 161.219 states that a person is justified in using “deadly physical force upon another person” if the other person was burglarizing or trying to burglarize a home.

Wilson, who was arraigned on burglary and trespassing charges told reporters he’s just happy to be alive.