#RIAFreedomChallenge Steps up to Arm The Fight Against Gun Control

Any Second Amendment supporters looking for a challenge?

Kevin and Pat Hogan of Rock Island Auction have a good one – and it aims to defeat gun control.

The Hogans have launched a campaign to inspire freedom-loving individuals to take part in the Rock Island Freedom Challenge. The Freedom Challenge is a viral grassroots campaign that aims to raise awareness and financial support for NRA-ILA.


2016 is the most important year we’ve seen in a generation or more. The attack on the Second Amendment is clear; many politicians, government officials and members of the media look to destroy our Constitutional rights. The Supreme Court’s greatest Second Amendment advocate — Justice Antonin Scalia — has passed away, leaving a vacancy on the Court that the next president will fill. Simply put, our firearm and other freedoms hang in the balance and it will take an army of us to take a stand.

Giving couldn’t be easier… or more lucrative, because now every dollar of your donation will do twice as much.

1. ACCEPT the challenge.

2. RECORD a video saying why firearms are important to you. Be creative! It’s as serious, funny, or straightforward as you make it, but remember to challenge three or more friends at the end.

3. UPLOAD your video and share it! (Remember to use the hashtag #RIAFreedomChallenge)

4. DONATE to NRA-ILA to help defend the Second Amendment. The best part is, Rock Island will match every donation dollar for dollar – up to a million dollars – as part of this challenge!


Here’s a great example of a pledge:


“I accept the Freedom Challenge to protect my 2nd Amendment freedom and to defend…. (Fill in the blank and show what you are defending, whether you are defending your family, your gun, your home, your freedom of speech, yourself, etc…). I pledge do donate $100 (or $10 or $1000 or $10K, whatever you can give!) to the NRA-ILA and I nominate Joe Smith, Larry Martin and Linda Johnson to do the same! You have 24-hours to accept this challenge.

Remember, no dollar amount is too big or too small, but every dollar raised will be matched up to $1,000,000.00 by Rock Island to support NRA-ILA’s efforts to protect our 2nd Amendment rights, so please give all you can and encourage as many of your friends and family to do the same!

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