During Live Coverage of Dallas Police Shooting, CNN Says We Need to Put a Pin in THIS Issue:

During their live coverage of the July 7 attack on police in Dallas, CNN, in their infinite wisdom, decided to discuss the scary open carry law that just went into effect this year, as if to suggest this has something to do with a crazy person–Johnson–who wanted to kill white police officers.

It doesn’t.

Nevertheless, lawyer Areva Martin and New York Times columnist Charles Blow decided to talk about gun control, which host Don Lemon blessedly cut off, saying that’s a subject for another day:

CHARLES BLOW: But this idea, I think, is really important, but it probably is a discussion for another day, but totally tips over into the gun debate. This idea of having to match fire power for whatever people could have on the street, because what we’re seeing is that people that there are a lot more types of these weapons. And this is where I think a lot of minds can meet. We want our police officers to be safe. We want our communities to be safe and the more of these sorts of weapons out there, the more that police have to defend themselves against those types of weapons. I think, you know, again, we don’t know about this. I think this is a discussion for another day but I think we need to put a pin in it because we have to come back to this discussion about the idea that people that, you know, more and more people are in open carry states. They can carry these sorts of weapons around. Police don’t know if the person who has the weapon out in the open is just a protester or not and that puts them in a very kind of awkward position of having to make guesses about it and that’s not what we want as a society.

DON LEMON: And Areva Martin, where does it — how much more firepower, where does it end? Go ahead, Areva.

AREVA MARTIN: Yes, I wanted to say I think the point was illustrated by one of the witnesses on the phone that said they say we saw a man, who we know was a person of interest, probably not the shooter. But he was a man walking around with a rifle and they didn’t know if that was normal or not. That is scary to me as a parent. That’s scary to me as an American, as a woman, as an African-American woman that I could be in a city at a protest and someone is walking around with a high powered assault rifle and yet, I don’t know if that is okay.

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Jul 03, 2022 8:30 AM ET