NRA Exec Says Hillary Will Spend Every Minute of Every Day Doing One Thing if Elected

NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox joined USA TODAY’s Susan Page on Wednesday to address Hillary Clinton’s latest claim that her goal is ‘not to take away people’s guns’.


Cox kept his response short and sweet, saying “It’s another lie from Hillary Clinton.”

“Hillary Clinton said that she will spend every minute of every day working to pass gun control,” he told Page. “We’d like to think that she’d focus on terrorism or keeping us safe, but her focus is going to be on gun control and we’re going to make sure American voters know that between now and November.”

“We know with 100 percent certainty that Hillary Clinton will be an unmitigated disaster when it comes to the rights of law-abiding gun owners,” Cox said, adding that he believes the NRA-endorsed GOP nominee will be a strong supporter of Americans’ Second Amendment rights. “So truly, you could make a very valid argument that the 2nd Amendment is on the ballot in November.”

Cox became the first top official from NRA to speak at a political convention on Tuesday when he took the stage in Cleveland, OH to address the RNC delegates.

If you can stomach the audio from the USA Today interview, the full video can be seen here:

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