Hear What One Cleveland Police Detective Says "has got to end"

Cleveland Police Detective Steve Loomis joined Harris Falkner on FOX News Sunday during the live coverage from Baton Rouge, LA after a 29-year-old man ambushed and shot six law enforcement officers, killing three. The incident happened less than two weeks after the officer-involved shooting death of Alton Sterling, a convicted felon who was in possession of a handgun and actively resisting arrest when shot.


Detective Loomis had some harsh words for everyone pushing false information and inflammatory rhetoric in America and cast his blame on everyone from the media, to celebrities and all the way up to the Oval Office:

“The President of the United States validated the false narrative that the nonsense that Black Lives Matter and the media are pressing out there to the public, validated it with his very divisive statements, and now we see an escalation. This has got to end,” Loomis said. “We need some leadership in this country to come forward and put an end to this.”

“The President of the United States has blood on his hands and it will not be able to become washed off.”

“How the hell did we ever become the bad guys in this country?” Loomis said. “I cannot imagine how we got here. It’s the irresponsible reporting of the media and it’s the irresponsible statements of people that are credible, like the president of the United States, like celebrities – if you’re blessed with celebrity and blessed with talent, then use that for good and not evil.”

Watch the full interview here:


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