Watch Sheriff Clarke Put the Squeeze on Don Lemon Over "Black Lives Matter"

Well bless his heart, at least he tried.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke came out swinging from the Republican National Convention when he joined Don Lemon on CNN to talk about the Black Lives Matter movement and their reaction to the attacks and deaths of police officers across the country.


LEMON: I spoke to the heads of the sheriff department, police department and the state police down there and they told us how their hearts were reeling. Their message is peace and coming together in the country.

CLARKE: You don’t believe that for one minute, do you?

…and it just went downhill from there.

CLARKE: Any protests over the deaths of these cops today in Baton Rouge today?

LEMON: I don’t know.

CLARKE: Any riots or protests over the police officers in Dallas, Texas?

LEMON: What are you asking?

CLARKE: It’s a pretty simple question.

LEMON: I asked you if… what’s your message to the people? Their message is one of peace, what’s your message?

His refusal to allow the narrative to be shifted over to the plight of the BLM is sheer brilliance, that is until Lemon cuts him off and goes to commercial break. You’ve got to see it to believe it:

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