Legislation to Arm the National Guard and ROTC Sits With the NY Assembly

Legislation introduced by Senate Republicans last summer following the terrorist attack on a Chattanooga, TN Naval Reserve center now rests with the New York State Assembly.

NY Senate Bill S6021C, which passed in the senate last month by a 60-2 vote, aims to ensure the security and protection of New York National Guard recruiting centers from terrorist attacks by providing sidearms or issuing concealed carry permits to full-time New York national guard personnel employed at recruiting centers. The bill would also improve and strengthen building security through the installation of metal detectors, bulletproof glass, video surveillance equipment and barricades to limit vehicle access at National Guard recruiting centers and at Reserve Officer Training Corps facilities.

“This measure is, unfortunately, a reflection of the society we live in with imminent threats to our nation and communities becoming more and more prevalent,” said sponsor, State Sen. Rob Ortt, in a statement. “Unarmed soldiers, such as members of the National Guard and ROTC, are targets on domestic soil and need stronger defense policies in place to safeguard them as they protect us. This bill provides these brave individuals with the tools they need in order to keep them safe from active shooter situations or domestic acts of terrorism.

The measure was sent to the Democrat-controlled Assembly on June 15, which recessed for the remainder of the year just two days later before scheduling the legislation for debate.

“It’s critical that the Assembly acts on this bill to prevent future tragedies,” said Ortt.

Dec 02, 2021 7:30 PM ET