If Gawker is so Concerned About Old People, Why Don't They Cover These Stories?

Back in March, Hamilton Nolan wrote a disgusting piece of journalistic excrement on Gawker called “Guns Won’t Protect You, Old People, You’re Too Old And Weak“. Which pretty much tells you all you need to know about Gawker and Mr. Nolan.


In part, his diatribe read:

We live in scary times: sharia law, foreigners, and rape gangs haunt the streets of this once great nation. Some old people believe that they must arm themselves in order to find peace and safety.

Wrong. Old people. Wrong. Want to find safety? Can you even “find [the] safety” on the handgun you’ve purchased? Probably not very quickly, with your poor eyesight and fingers ravaged by arthritis.

In this day and age when you have Obama, ISIS, and Chief Keef, you—an elderly American—are thinking seriously about getting yourself a gun, for protection.

Might as well get yourself a dragon, or a unicorn trained to be your bodyguard. That would help you just as much.

When you’re old you’re slow as hell and decades of muscle erosion have made you weak. Pretty much any healthy young person can beat you up. Is a gun gonna even things out? Nope. In order for that gun to work you have to pull it out and aim it in a moment of crisis. While you’re fumbling to do that, all slow, a young person is just pushing you on the ground. And taking your gun out of your feeble hands.

Leave the guns to the young nuts, oldie.

Smoothly drawing a gun from a holster, aiming it quickly, and firing it accurately despite the kickback require a level of strength and dexterity that you just don’t have. I’ll lay 5-1 odds that any street criminal can kick you in the knee and chuckle as you roll around on the ground, grasping for the gun you dropped, as they rifle through your purse and then steal your gun, too.


I wrote a rebuttal to his piece when it first came out, but I think of it every time I write about another example of just how effective senior citizens in America are when it comes to defending themselves with guns.

This week was an exceptional week to highlight the ignorance of Nolan’s article.

From a 77-year-old with a shotgun, to a homeowner in his late 70’s with a revolver, to a 75-year-old great-grandmother with her gun – elderly citizens can and do protect themselves and their loved ones with guns.

Take note, Nolan – if you’re so concerned about “old people”, you should advocate for their right to carry.

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