How Much More do They Expect us to Compromise on Gun Rights?

I always hear gun control proponents ask, “Why won’t the pro-gunners compromise? Why won’t they give into something?” Are you kidding? Do you have any idea how long it takes to get a suppresser for my gun, so that if God forbid there’s ever a home invasion and I have to shoot the intruder I don’t blow my eardrums out?


Since the time the Second Amendment was written pro-gunners have been compromising. We went from arms to only owning semi-auto handguns and rifles while the government gets to play with drones. The Second Amendment said nothing about background checks, yet thousands of people have to play Russian roulette with their names in the NICS system, getting arbitrarily delayed because there are a billion John Smiths in the world. Why? Because we compromised and said, “You know what? Let’s do background checks.”

Look at the system for concealed-carry licenses. Technically I don’t need a damn license for my constitutional right, but we compromised. Now me, and a bunch of other law-abiding pee-ons have to sit through an eight-hour lecture just to get a plastic card telling us we have permission to do what we had permission to do 200 years ago.

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