Scottsdale Gun Club Hosts "Conceal With Curves" Course for Women

The Scottsdale Gun Club sees a lot of shooters come through their lanes, but one group is turning heads.

“Conceal with Curves” course instructor Trisha Dennett teaches women not only how to become proficient with firearms, but how to carry them.

“Their husbands have bought them a firearm, told them, ‘Put it in your purse, carry it.’ And then they don’t know what to do with it,” Dennett said.

“There has been a pronounced increase in the number of women who are investing in firearms, whether to enjoy the shooting sports or to defend themselves and their families,” said NRA Media Relations Manager Jason Brown.

The National Rifle Association says the number of female gun owners has increased 77% since 2005.

“The rise in the number of female gun owners tells us that gun ownership isn’t a monochrome phenomenon, rather the embracing of our inalienable Second Amendment rights by empowered citizens that understand the value of using firearms responsibly for recreation and self-defense,” said Brown.

Brown concluded, “Increasingly, women are voicing their opinions that their self-defense is ultimately their responsibility by arming themselves and acquiring the training to protect themselves effectively. This movement is incredibly encouraging, as women are redefining the face of the American gun owner.”

The “Conceal with Curves” is currently scheduled for two more classes on Sept. 27 and Oct. 4. The cost is $50 for non-members.