Residents Gather to Discuss the Possibility of a Handgun Ban in the Sooner State

Residents in Muskogee, OK gathered Thursday night to discuss a frightening possibility.

“Could handguns be banned in Oklahoma?” asked James Frederick of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association.

“Basically what has happened nation wide is that the gun battle with gun control has not been able to pass in congress, so what’s happened is now the battle is at the state level,” Fredrick said.

The small number of passionate attendees had a hard time wrapping their heads around the idea of being disarmed in the Sooner State.

“Can you imagine being disarmed?” asked Vanella Taylor.

“We need our guns,” Taylor said. “As long as you’re not a convicted felon or some dangerous person, mental illness, you should be able to have a weapon even without concealed carry.”

“I wouldn’t want nobody taking my gun from me,” said Ivory Vann.