Second Amendment Defenders Step Up to the #RIAFreedomChallenge

Have you seen the videos?

Hundreds of Second Amendment defenders have stepped up to the challenge initiated by Kevin and Pat Hogan of Rock Island Auction.

Last month, the Hogans launched a campaign in conjunction with the NRA-ILA to challenge Second Amendment defenders to donate to The Freedom Challenge to help arm the fight against Hillary’s bid for the White House. The best part? The Hogans are matching our donations dollar for dollar – up to a million bucks!


Here’s a few videos from those who have stepped up to accept the challenge:

Are you up to the challenge? It couldn’t be easier:

1. ACCEPT the challenge.

2. RECORD a video saying why firearms are important to you. Be creative! It’s as serious, funny, or straightforward as you make it, but remember to challenge three or more friends at the end.

3. UPLOAD your video and share it! (Remember to use the hashtag #RIAFreedomChallenge)

4. DONATE to NRA-ILA to help defend the Second Amendment and the best part is, Rock Island Auction is matching every one of our donations dollar for dollar – up to a million dollars!

So how about it, are you ready to arm the fight against Hillary Clinton?

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