Gun Thief Lifts a Handgun in Plain Sight of Three Unlikely Bystanders

On August 5, two Phoenix police officers were in the Ammo AZ gun store looking at a rifle and talking with store owner Veerachart Murphy. Not exactly a 6 p.m. news exclusive, but what happened next made it a lead story.


A brazen gun thief was also in the Phoenix, AZ gun store and picked up a handgun, then formulated his escape plan. Femio Deluna Jr., 23, tucked the gun tight in between his upper arm and armpit and calmly walked out of the store.

Surveillance video from the store shows Deluna nonchalantly perusing the store with the gun hidden under his arm right in front of the two police officers and armed store owner.


“You’re just really, really brazen or you’re just not very smart, or you’re a combination of both,” Murphy said when we talked to him the first time.

Deluna then decided to show off his trophy via Instagram, posting a picture of the stolen handgun among several other firearms.


“Again, we’re not dealing with smart people here, but the detective assured me, ‘Be patient, we’re working on it,’ and sure enough they were; they got him,” Murphy said.

On Tuesday, detectives arrested Deluna in connection with several crimes including the August 5th gun theft at the Ammo AZ gun store.

According to court records, police found a large amount of heroin, methamphetamine and an illegally modified and fully loaded AR-15 rifle in Deluna’s car at the time of his arrest.

Despite the seriousness of his crime and the drugs and weapons in his possession, Deluna is in jail on a measly $5,000 bond.

Criminal justice reform, anyone?

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