"Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?" Wildly Degrading to Both Sexes, Individual Rights

Say what you will about the gun control agenda, they know guns are big business and will do anything to profit off their own propaganda-filled nonsense.

Enter the independent movie “Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?“.


The movie’s synopsis solidifies it’s overall ignorant agenda:

If there’s one thing the men of Rockford, Texas love as much as their women, it’s their guns. But life in this idyllic town is turned upside-down when a gun incident at a neighborhood school spurs stay-at-home mom Jenna (Andrea Anders) to rethink Rockford’s obsessive gun culture. Much to the chagrin of her husband Glenn (Matt Passmore), Jenna ignites a movement by convincing the women to withhold sex from the men until every gun in town is vanquished. A wild and hilarious showdown ensues between the sexes. As tensions—and libidos—rise, the men and women of Rockford must decide what’s really important: keeping the peace or getting a piece.

Wow, that’s wildly degrading to both sexes while also devaluing all citizens’ right to keep and bear arms, but hey – it’s a comedy so har-dee-ha-ha.

You know what’s really funny? Women like guns, too. 

According to polling conducted by the Pew Research Center, of those polled who reported having a gun in their home for protection, almost half were women.


According a 2015 report from the NSSF, female engagement in target shooting grew 60 percent to an impressive 5.4 million participants between 2001 and 2013, and was up 85 percent for hunting to 3.3 million participants during that same period.

Additionally, an overwhelming number of women reported feeling more secure after becoming a gun owner:


So much for the hilarious narrative of women withholding sex from oily bohunk men until they give up their guns. 

Meanwhile, “Is That a Gun” is set to premiere in such laughable cities as New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Houston.

I can’t wait to skip this insulting piece of cinematic garbage the next time I visit a theater, how about you?