Is This Gun Control Spokesperson Angry Her Group Doesn't Pay Better?

Shannon Watts, talking head for the Bloomberg gun control group Moms Demand Action, took a swing and a big miss at the NRA on Twitter.

On Wednesday, the NRA shared an article from Real Clear Politics, tweeting with it, “The attack on #2A is clear. A Clinton SCOTUS would hack away at our 2A rights. #Guns #NeverHillary

Trying to deflect from the NRA’s point that a Clinton-appointed SCOTUS would in fact infringe on our Second Amendment rights, Bloomberg pocket-dweller Watts sounded a tad bitter in her distraction, er… response: “Attack on Americans clear: @NRA lobbyists paid millions to hack away at lifesaving gun laws. #2A #ImWithHer”

Think she’s mad Moms Demand doesn’t pay better?

Either way, Watts is using her First Amendment right of free speech to respond to the NRA via Twitter making libelous claims against the organization that is funded by millions of American citizens, even though she has bragged the group blocked her… interesting, since that’s a violation of Twitter’s code of conduct.

So she is, quite literally, being paid what, at least a half a million dollars by Bloomberg and her supporters to take a swing at an organization working to protect citizens’ God-given right of self defense protected by the Second Amendment.

Pot, meet kettle.

Brilliant. But seriously, we know she’s a die-hard gun control harpy, but which gun laws exactly are “lifesaving”?


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Congratulations everyone, you’ve (probably) all been blocked by Shannon Watts!

Welcome to the club.