Gun-Loving Granny: “My friends like to knit. I like to shoot!”

The Frontier Justice Gun Shop and Indoor Gun Range in Lee’s Summit, MO, has a wide variety of customers and members, including a growing number of senior citizens.


The Kansas Star was on site Tuesday morning to talk about the growing trend and speak with a few of the shooting seniors, including one gun-loving granny from John Knox Village who has long guns, handguns and says she visits the range every day.

“My friends like to knit. I like to shoot,” she said.

Frontier Justice, whose motto is “Faith, Family and Freedom”, opened their gun range last summer, and proudly offers one-on-one instruction for seniors – one of the most solidly growing demographics in the firearms industry.

“With ISIS in the news and mass shootings and current events that are happening around the world, I think it brings to the forefront all people’s sense of need to protect their family and to protect themselves,” Brown said. “And certainly one of the most vulnerable components of our society are seniors.”

“I think a lot of people like me that grew up with guns, our parents taught us safety and how to handle a gun,” said John Hardt, a Frontier Justice advisory board member. “But when you get people who are late in life and take an interest in it, they need somebody to teach them how to do it and what to do.”


“My brother used to take me shooting when I was a kid, so I always enjoyed it,” said Janet Kirce, 65. “But I didn’t have the time to do it, and now that we’re retired and we have this (Frontier Justice) club so close to us, it’s our hobby. It’s something we do together.”

“I hope I never have to use it,” said Jack Kirce, 79, “but if I have to, I’ve got it.”

Watch these seniors embrace their Second Amendment rights and take charge of their personal protection:


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