Guns Don't Rule My Life, They Protect It

You’re letting guns and fear rule your life.”

That’s what a lot of anti-gunners like to say to us pro-gunners who carry every day. Ironically, the only person making a big deal about it – is them. It’s nothing for me to grab my wallet, keys, cell phone and gun before I leave the house every day. My gun is the equivalent of a fire extinguisher, a seatbelt, a lock on a door or a can of pepper spray. I won’t need it until I need it. And when I do need it, I’m going to be damn glad I had it.

But no, tell people you carry a gun and automatically it’s, “Why do you feel the need to carry a gun?” The same reason you feel the need to carry a tin of Altoids in your purse. Sure, the likelihood of you needing some Altoids to cure a sudden case of halitosis is more likely than me needing my gun to protect myself, but having to put that combination of plastic and metal down my pants is an extremely small price to pay considering it could save my life one day.

I live my life just like everyone else. It’s like when people hear that you carry a gun, they think you walk around all day with an evil Glock and good Glock sitting on your shoulder in a constant battle for your attention.