Too Many Americans Don’t View the Second Amendment as a Civil Rights Issue

Webster defines “civil rights” as rights that every person should have regardless of his or her sex, race or religion. I’m pretty sure the right to defend your life is on that list, wouldn’t you agree?


Something I’ve been thinking about lately is that the Constitution, our right to keep and bear arms, is listed with our other civil rights. The right to worship the God you want, the right to say what you feel, the right to be treated fairly by a court. Those are all civil rights. You are born with them regardless of what the Constitution says.

The Bill of Rights wasn’t even going to be enumerated because the Founding Fathers saw them as natural born rights that no one could possibly take away. Luckily, some of them saw the threat of future tyranny and thought it was wise to have some of those written out. So just because someone makes a law that says you can’t buy, own or carry a weapon, doesn’t make is lawful.

Jim Crow laws were also passed and enforced, and those were equally as unconstitutional. Too many Americans don’t think of the Second Amendment as a civil rights issue, and that’s dangerous because all of those rights together define freedom.

Watch Dom Raso, Jr. explain how the right to bear arms is an unalienable civil right, similar to other freedoms codified in the Constitution:

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