Group of Thieves Go 0-60 in Minnesota Gun Shop

If only there was a law that made stealing illegal…

“They didn’t care if anybody seen them or not,” said Keith Shones, owner of Millville Rod & Gun in Minnesota. “They were ready for a fire fight.”


Authorities say a group of thieves broke into the gun shop last week and made out with between 60-80 guns in exactly one minute in a smash-and-grab robbery that was caught on Shones’ surveillance cameras.

“This guy takes his elbow, busts right through the glass,” Shones said, pointing out one of the display cases targeted in the robbery. “Starts grabbing handguns out by the handful like that.”

Shones, who lives adjacent to the gun shop with his wife, said she very well could have encountered the group of criminals on her way to her car before work as they spent 45 minutes torching the door to the business to gain entry.

“Biggest concern is that these guns hit the street,” Shones said. “These guns didn’t ask to get stolen, they didn’t ask to shoot somebody else.”


But he had a clear message to the thieves if they’re considering coming back to his door.

“By the time I grabbed my assault rifle and started coming through the door, they were already gone,” Shones said. “If they come back, maybe next time they won’t be so lucky, so that’s something we’re hoping for.”

The Wabasha County Sheriff is looking for assistance from the Millville, MN community to help track the thieves down. Anyone with information on the burglary or who may have seen any suspicious behavior or vehicles in that area are asked to call 651-565-3361.

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