Gun Control Harpies Just Can't Seem to Grasp Common Sense Gun Safety Facts

Ah, yes… the delightful musings of the gun control shills on social media, including the screeching idiocy of the Besty Riot harpies, are always pleasant and conveniently serve as an example of how ignorant people can be.


On Wednesday, I tweeted, “I #GunVote to protect myself and my family when police are miles away.”

…which is true. I live an a rural community and there are times where it could take up to 25 minutes for law enforcement would be able to make it to my home.

But much like the other instruments in my home which could harm my children, safety precautions are taken to protect them as well as myself. When the kids were little, I used Project ChildSafe gun locks from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) to ensure they were secure. As they got older, I took advantage of the educational resources in the Eddie Eagle program provided by the National Rifle Association (yes, the NRA wants children to be safe) to teach them gun safety and make sure they knew what to do if they saw a firearm at a friend’s home as well. For family members who have adamantly stated they will not own a gun, I have provided them resources from the Refuse to be a Victim program which, much to everyone’s surprise, is also provided by the NRA.

Leave it to the Connecticut Betsy Riot social media ‘team’ to show how blithely ignorant gun control advocates are to what we teach in gun safety courses and continue to advocate in schools. In response to my tweet, they said, “Too bad you are far more likely to shoot them than protect them. #gunfacts #gunsafety


Interesting. I wonder if they know the first rule of gun safety?


You know who knows these rules? I know them, my kids know them, and the overwhelming majority of children of gun owners across the country know these rules. And in my experience, kids who know the rules of gun safety love to share the rules of gun safety to their friends.

It never fails to amaze me how gun control advocates refuse to acknowledge the fact that children who learn gun safety are safe with guns. But then again, that sums up all we need to know about their true agenda. For them, anything short of complete gun control is unacceptable.

When I was a child, my father kept his guns in an open gun rack downstairs in our home. I was taught gun safety from little on – as so many of us were back when common sense was a lot more common! We teach our children about the dangers of medication, electrical outlets, tall bookcases, hot stoves, cars in the street, sharp knives in the kitchen and thousands of other things that, once they learn how to safely utilize these things, they are able to use successfully on a daily basis.


Guns are no different.

In a world where liberals and progressives are working to push courses about drugs and alcohol and advocating sexual education and LGBT children’s books into schools, along with a host of other issues they choose to champion, gun safety should be at the top of the list if they are truly looking to end accidental deaths and gun violence in America.

Our guns aren’t going anywhere, but our kids are. Knowledge is power – teach your kids gun safety and how to shoot!

…and just to needle the naysayers a little, I had to share one final tweet.


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