Why Aren't Politicians Acknowledging America's Domestic Violence Epidemic?

If we sincerely want to decrease violence against children in our country, it’s time we stop talking about AR-15s and start talking about real threats that millions of our children face every year.

The scope of domestic violence is difficult to measure because it occurs in private and victims are often reluctant to report it because of shame or fear of reprisal.

According to the most recent U.S. Department of Human Services data, Child Protective Services agencies investigated reports of abuse or neglect towards three million children in 2011. Of those reports, approximately 676,000 were substantiated. That’s 676,000 children who were abused or neglected in one year. Further, in 2011 there were 1,570 confirmed fatalities of children who died from abuse or neglect at the hand of a parent or caretaker. Eighty-one percent of those children were under four years old.

Watch NRA News commentator Billy Johnson ask why our politicians refuse to acknowledge or offer solutions to America’s domestic violence epidemic.