Carol Bowne Was Denied a Fighting Chance

You’re an American and that means you’re FREE to defend your life.

But Carol Bowne is no longer with us because the state of New Jersey denied her that right.


When her convicted felon ex-boyfriend smashed her car windows, she got a restraining order. But despite having home security cameras and an alarm system, she feared for her life. So she applied for a handgun permit.

Months later, and just two days before her death, she demanded an update.

They said her application “was still processing”.

Carol Bowne didn’t choose to be utterly defenseless when her predator stabbed her to death in her driveway two days later – that choice was made by the state of New Jersey.

Government policies that deny us our right to defend our lives are not just ineffective.

They are IMMORAL.

Take a class. Connect with a group in your area. Protect your firearm and teach others gun safety.

Together, we can empower women to strengthen their personal protection plan to ensure they are never victimized again.

Take the time to check out Carol’s Crusaders – NRA instructors and Well Armed Woman chapters across the country who have stepped up to offer a discount for anyone who has an active restraining order against an abusive partner.

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