Seven Women Sound Off on Gun Safety Part 5: Inspiration to Advocate

As part of the Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence campaign, we’re running a 7-part series on how seven prominent women in the firearms industry, hunting world and Second Amendment advocacy groups handle gun safety in their own homes.


In part 5, we asked the ladies if there were any personal or news stories that helped inspire them to encourage others to carry concealed. Hear what Jana Waller, Julie Golob, Stacy Washington, Natalie Foster, Shaneen Allen, Katie Pavlich and Nikki Goeser had to say about their inspiration to advocate others carry concealed.

Carol Bowne was the inspiration for the Carol’s Crusaders network in this campaign.
Is there a story, either personal or in the news, that has inspired you to encourage others to take control of their personal protection plan?

WALLER: A couple of years ago one of my Facebook friends Lisa held an intruder at gunpoint for nearly a half hour until the police could arrive. She lives out in the country in the mountains. There’s no telling what that drugged out criminal might have done to her had she not had her own handgun pointed at him until the police could arrive. I support the blue 110% but it often comes down to logistics and timing. You can’t wait on someone else to protect you. We all deserve the right to protect ourselves, our families and friends and our property.

GOLOB: There are so many courageous women who take responsibility for their lives and their families. Kimberly Corbin and Autumn Parkin immediately come to mind as examples of women who have overcome horror and abuse to heal, teach and thrive. The sad truth is that it’s very likely that, as women, at some point we will find ourselves in a situation where we fear for our safety. Being prepared, knowing what can happen and what to do can be the difference between being safe and facing harm, or worse, death.


WASHINGTON: Every time a woman defends her home and the story makes the news I share it on my radio program in a segment we call “The 2nd Amendment Update” and it’s always a conversation starter.  We always have callers who agree and inform; and others who call to say how “selfish” it is for me to sacrifice the safety of children in order to protect myself.”  That is comical of course.  The 2nd Amendment is the greatest equalizer in our nation.  A tiny woman is empowered to go out without fear when she’s armed and well trained.

FOSTER: A dear friend of mine was attacked on a work trip. A construction worker staying her hotel noticed her and followed her to her room. When she opened the door to go get dinner, he forced her back in and almost killed her. I’ll never forget what I saw when she came back home. The whites of her eyes were blood red because he had broken the blood vessels when he tried to strangle her. She had bruises all over her head and neck. Thankfully, my friend had the strength to testify at his trial and she put that repeat offender away for 35 years. I was already an advocate for firearms and self-defense before this incident, but after her ordeal I saw the urgency of it in an entirely new way. We literally almost lost her. If I can do anything at all to prevent a situation like this from happening to another woman in my life, I find it imperative that I do so. I hope you, as the reader, feel the same way.

ALLEN: Every time I hear of a mass shooting in a gun free zone, or of law abiding citizens losing their lives in home invasions, I am re-fueled and motivated to encourage others to take control of their personal protection plans.


PAVLICH: A restraining order is just a piece of paper and when seconds count, the police are minutes a way. You are the only person who can or will truly take full responsibility for your own safety. It’s your body and your life. You only get one of each.

Shamefully, bureaucrats in states across the country, like in Carol Bowne’s home state of New Jersey, turn women into victims by refusing to allow them to protect themselves and take responsibility for their own protection. This must change.

GOESER: I have used my own experience in helping educate others about the importance of protecting yourself and loved ones. My husband was shot & killed in front of me by my stalker in a “gun-free zone” restaurant. I was forced by this gun control law to leave my legal firearm locked in my vehicle the night my husband was gunned down. It is important to always have your firearm with you and quickly accessible should evil decide to pay you a visit.



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