Bill O'Reilly Says All Gun Crimes Should Be Federal Offenses

“Both candidates are ramping up the rhetoric with six days left in the campaign,” Bill O’Reilly said Wednesday night before diving into his analysis of a major issue swirling around the candidates: gun control.


O’Reilly then ran a clip of Clinton speaking at a rally in Florida how parents in America live in fear that their child could be “hurt or killed” while participating in everyday activities like going to the movies, sitting in a first grade classroom, even attending a Bible study. Clinton also claimed this has “nothing to do with the Second Amendment and responsible gun owners.”

After putting her remarks through the spin cycle, Bill delivered his solution to Hillary’s scenario: make all gun crimes a federal offense and impose mandatory sentences to be enforced at the federal level.

“Anyone committing any crime, any crime with a gun, even simple illegal possession, should be subject to federal mandatory prison sentences,” he said. “All gun crimes should become federal crimes.”

“That way American law enforcement everywhere cannot only take guns off the streets but people who illegally carry them and/or use them to commit crimes . . . And the upshot, pardon the pun, is that legal gun owners would be left alone.”


O’Reilly was quick to concede his plan would never be supported by Hillary Clinton “because she and many other liberals believe there are too many Americans in prison and we should be more understanding of criminal behavior.”

Although he couldn’t say definitively whether the plan would garner Trump’s support, O’Reilly added, “he should.”

What say you: should all gun crimes become federal offenses and come with mandatory prison sentences?

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