Group of Black Thugs Attack White Chicago Man for Voting Trump

It seems like only yesterday the tolerant left was predicting that if Trump lost the election, he and and his supporters would refuse to accept the results. Even Sally Kohn noted the “important difference” in the civility of the democrats versus the anger of the republicans. Member when they said that? Member?


But that’s not quite what happened now, is it?

Following Donald Trump’s political smackdown at the polls, the liberal left pretty much lost their marbles. What started with looks of disgust turned into tears then quickly ignited a rage that burned American flags and started dumpster fires across the country.

Figuratively and metaphorically.

Now, their righteous indignation has boiled over into the streets of Chicago, where a recently released video of an attack is going viral.

The video, which was posted to Twitter late last night and this morning on Facebook, shows a group of black thugs brutally beating a white man at a red light as cars pass buy. In it’s description, one post reads, ‘BLM Rioters Beat Trump Supporter at Redlight in Chicago -“You voted Trump? Beat his azz!”‘

The man is beaten, kicked, punched and assaulted as the camera records the attack for 32 seconds, ending shortly after one of the suspects jumps into the driver’s seat of the man’s car and shuts the door.



Remember: this allegedly took place in Chicago. To use a term coined by my good friend Jon Gabriel, “my favorite part about the Obama era is all the racial healing.”

Thanks for giving us yet another reason to carry. We could be sitting in our vehicle at a red light when suddenly: thugs.

Carry on, patriots.

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