Elaborate Wedding Proposal Raises Cops' Guns and a Few Eyebrows

An elaborate proposal caught on video and shared on Instagram is raising eyebrows after watching cops draw their guns on the rib-tickling Romeo.

The video shows the man and his girlfriend at a gas station when two police cars swarm the parking lot and exit their vehicles, quickly drawing their weapons and ordering the man to the ground. The woman jumped in front of her boyfriend, trying to shield him from the police, and warned the officers that he was in possession of a firearm.

When the officers direct her to remove his firearm, she agrees, but instead of finding his gun, she finds an engagement ring.

The video, which has been viewed more than 11,000 times, received mixed reactions:

“There’s nothing cute about mocking the real issues Black Americans face everyday. This was a bunch of bullshit.”
“Why everyone tripping that was coo asf for once cops ain’t shooting a homie”
“Not funny at all.”
“This is so sad and embarrassing. Can’t believe he really incorporated this into a proposal after all the black lives that have been lost so senslessly. The realness regarding this matter has obviously not hit deep enough for you, or your creativity is sickly limited. Prove ur damn love a different way.”
“This is horrible. I hate it! Very upsetting. Something so beautiful as a celebration of a relationship should not be paired with a disturbing issue facing our community. Wtf is wrong with ppl now a days is nothing sacred or off limits?”
“That was beautiful, from her more than likely being scared and protecting her man to finding out he was proposing. Loved it”

What say you? Was this a great proposal or in poor taste?