Auction Items Benefitting Veterans' Charities Come With Priceless US Flag


Do you support our veterans? Well here’s a chance to do that and own a priceless piece of history!

A few months ago, good guy Tom Barker bid on a collection of outdoor products and won. But what he did with them is truly special. Barker, a member of The Veteran Family of Brands, decided to re-auction the items off piecemeal with one alteration: an American flag attached to the products with Velcro so that it can be removed for display or to prevent damage when hunting.

Why? Because Barker sent the two flags around to eight significant heroes and hunters of our time, who all signed it with the hopes of raising money for a few very worthy causes; Warriors Heart, The Lone Survivor Foundation and Special Operations Wounded Warrior. And the collection of signatures on the flags are absolutely priceless.

Each of the two flags are signed by a group of heroes giving back to the veteran and first responder community by supporting veteran non-profits and by taking injured veterans hunting:

Ron Bellan – Special Operations Master Chief (SEAL) Retired and Host of “Reaper Outdoors – Survive The Hunt”  Sportsman Channel  

Mark “Oz” Geist – US Marine Corps, Security Team Member in Benghazi, and Co-Author “13 Hours”

Marcus Luttrell – US Navy SEAL Retired and Author of “The Lone Survivor”

Laramy “Sasquatch” Miller – Patriot and Host of “Sasquatch Mountain Man” The Outdoor Channel

Gary O’Neal – Chief Warrant Officer Retired, US Army Special Forces, Inducted into the Ranger Hall of Fame

Clint Romesha – Staff Sergeant US Army and Medal of Honor Recipient

John “Tig” Tigean – US Marine Corps, Security Team Member in Benghazi, and Co-Author “13 Hours”

Jana Waller – Patriot and Host of “Skull Bound TV” Sportsman Channel

As if the signed flags aren’t enough of a prize, remember: they’re attached to the products Barker has donating to this cause!

The first package includes a Tenzing 3000 Backpack with one of the two autographed flags sewn into the back pocket. 


The second package includes an Ameristep Warlock Hunting Blind, a Halo XRT7 Rangefinder, and the other autographed flag attached with velcro to the inside of the Warlock blind.  


Item costs:
Ameristep Warlock Hunting Blind           MSRP $229.99
Halo XRT7 Rangefinder                              MSRP $149.99
US Flag singed by Heroes and Patriots    MSRP Priceless

The current bid on both packages on Gunbroker is $500.00, guys.

Each of the foundations benefitting from the auction helps returning veterans, and first responders, deal with their wounds, both physical and mental, and the struggles they go through trying to reintegrate back into everyday life through counseling and group interactions including many different outdoor activities, mainly hunting.

Please bid on this for yourself or put that money toward these fantastic foundations while getting an amazing gift for someone else this Christmas.


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