Here's Why Idaho Residents Continue to Apply for Permits in a Constitutional Carry State

In July, Idaho passed Senate Bill 1389, a “permitless/constitutional” carry bill, to become the ninth state to adopt Constitutional Carry laws to allow residents over the age of 21 to carry concealed weapons in most places without a county-issued permit.


But six months after the law went into effect, authorities say residents are still applying for concealed-carry permits, with a significant number of applicants seeking enhanced permits which allows them to carry concealed weapons in other states.

In fact, earlier this month, Ada County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Patrick Orr said since the law went into effect in July, 70 percent of the 859 concealed weapons permits issued by the county were enhanced permits. A trend that is being seen throughout the state.

At the beginning of December, 131,665 Idaho adults possessed a concealed weapons permit, 8 percent of the state’s population, according to the Idaho State Police. Of those, 27,243, or 21 percent, are enhanced permits.

The total figure is up 54 percent from the beginning of 2013, when 85,535 adults had such a permit, according to statistics from the ISP and the Pennsylvania-based Crime Prevention Research Center.

“When they announced Idaho was going to open carry, we figured we’d see a leveling off or a drop. But actually, we’ve stayed pretty much the same.” said Lt. Paul McNish of Nez Perce County.
“People are still coming in great numbers,” said Joe Torok, owner of Idaho Firearms in Boise. “The net effect is that a lot of people like the idea that they can carry a concealed weapon without a license, but they’re also looking for the training that it involves.”
In order to be approved for an enhanced permit in the state, Idahoans must complete a minimum of eight hours of training to include state gun laws, use of deadly force, safe handling, use of firearms and self-defense principles as well as live-fire instruction, with a minimum of 98 rounds fired.

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