This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things: Volume Two

Handgun in man’s pants (Shutterstock)

Okay, so again – this series is dedicated to calling out how ignorant the general public and media are when it comes to representing responsibly armed citizens and reclaiming the image of the American gun owner.


The examples of people “acting” like gun owners while clearly not knowing how to handle a firearm are as plentiful as snowflakes in Madison. Lets take a look at a few new ones I’ve found, shall we?

Trigger Finger No-No – Getty Images

OMG, this is so cool: This photo from Getty Images shows two ‘gun enthusiasts’ posing with a pair of AKMs at what appears to be a gun show, however, the pair of hipsters have their fingers on the triggers as they pose with smiles from ear to ear.

Saying hi to Mom in The American Dream

Virtual insanity: Currently being developed in Australia (irony alert) is the video game ‘The American Dream’, described by IGN as:

A VR game where your hands are a pair of floating guns, and you must complete menial, everyday tasks – feed yourself, go to work, feed your children – using only your bullets, your magazines, and your gosh-darned patriotic attitude. With its Norman Rockwell-kissed aesthetic and a (not unkind) satirical take on the Second Amendment, The American Dream is a very American game.

Um, no.

GQ wasn’t so smooth using this image

That’s not where your finger goes: This week, I covered Ashley Fetters’ GQ article “Why Women Own Guns” and while I applaud her for picking up a gun and heading to a range to battle her millennial hoplophobic demons, the graphics accompanying it are definitely lacking.

Concealed-Gun BA

Possibly a foul: so one of our readers pointed out this graphic we use on Bearing Arms. The reader said the carrier is shown holding their hip with their right hand as they pull the firearm with their left, and said holding the base of the holster is a big no-n. I was inclined to agree with him at first, but if you look closely, the carrier’s right hand is actually in motion moving back to front. Granted, that hand should be up at chest level, but this picture is on the fence.


That’s gonna leave a mark: Several things hurt my eyeballs, I’m not sure where to start. No holster? Finger on the trigger with the gun aimed at his (ah-hem) manhood? Possibly wearing a buttoned blazer over a wife beater? In any case, this Shutterstock Image is the Grand Poobah of why we can’t have nice things.

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