Sig Sauer Introduces the 1911 Spartan Molon Labe BB Pistol

Sig Sauer has introduced a 1911 Spartan BB Pistol which is modeled after the 1911 Spartan centerfire pistol. The CO2-powered, semi-automatic 1911-style BB pistol features a unique bronze finish with a slide engraved with the original Greek words ‘MOLON LABE’ (‘Come and Take Them’), and the grip emblazoned with a Spartan helmet.

“Training is a must for all shooters, regardless of skill level, and this new Sig Sauer 1911 Spartan BB Pistol is an effective training tool for beginners and experts alike,” said Joseph Huston, vice president and general manager of the Sig Sauer Airgun Division.  “Our airguns are an inexpensive alternative to live-fire training for those who want to practice but can’t make it to the range as often as they would like, and the fact that the 1911 Spartan BB Pistol fits in a regular 1911 holster allows shooters to practice drawing in addition to accuracy.  Shooting enthusiasts are really embracing Sig Sauer airguns as an additional method of training, and these airguns are also an excellent way to teach beginners firearm safety and how to shoot for the very first time.”


I have used Sig’s CO2 pistols to help my own children learn gun safety, firearms discipline and proper form. These guns are the perfect way to introduce kids and new shooters to firearms and as a way to make new gun owners comfortable with firearms before graduating to a 9MM at the gun range.

For more information, visit Sig Sauer.