Shannon Watts Has Twitter Tantrum, NRA TV Gives Her a Time Out

Just when you think she couldn’t possibly get any lower, Shannon Watts took to twitter to lower the bar once again.

Yesterday, the Moms Demand founder Tweeted out my Bearing Arms article covering her lies in Teen Vogue, boasting that nothing makes her happier than lying to a bunch of teenagers who won’t do their own research on gun owners, the NRA or Second Amendment laws:



Billionaire gun hater Michael Bloomberg will stop at nothing to wage war on gun ownership, he even recruits moms and dupes them into doing his dirty work. His number one lackey Shannon Watts has taken passion and turned into hatred and chaos. Bloomberg has turned her into an internet troll who fails to see the reality of what the NRA does, who gun owners are and what gun laws do and fail to do in America.

Watts even admitted she throws temper tantrums over the issue. Who says that!?

NRA TV’s Grant Stinchfield took Watts to task, saying, “Was it just a tantrum when you attacked Kimberly Corban – a rape survivor who wants to carry a firearm to protect herself?  And where was your tantrum when Sheenan Allen was thrown in jail for carrying a legally registered handgun into New Jersey…  And Ray Rice – who beat his girlfriend – got off with a wrist slap.”

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