Proposed Legislation Would Allow Concealed Carry in New Mexico Schools

One legislator in New Mexico has introduced a bill in the hopes of helping his state eliminate ‘the most dangerous places in America’: gun free zones.


“The concealed carry people all went through background checks, they went through two days of training, they’re not the criminals of the world,” Senator Bill Sharer said. “So, what I’m saying is why not let good people defend themselves?”

The proposed legislation, Senate Bill 428, would allow individual school districts to decide if citizens and staff can carry concealed on their campuses rather than restricting law-abiding citizens from carrying on every campus in New Mexico.

A lawmaker in the House of Representatives has a similar bill. Rep. Jason Harper, R-Rio Rancho, wants to establish an “enhanced concealed handgun” license that would let the holder carry on school premises if they undergo rigorous training and courses.

If Sharer’s bill passes and individual school districts decide not to allow citizens and staff to concealed carry, the school must post signs indicating no guns are allowed on the premises.

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