What Happens At This Vegas Gun Range Shouldn't Happen Anywhere

Every once in awhile, a video comes along that is so shocking, so mind-numbingly unbelievable, we just have to use it as a teachable moment. But one video making the rounds on Facebook has opened a whole new can of worms that needs attention.


Yesterday I was tagged in a video posted by JM4 Tactical that shows exactly what not to do at the gun range:

The guy acting like an instructor in a gun safety spoof responsible for a negligent discharge in front of at least three students is wearing a t-shirt with the Las Vegas Gun Range logo on the right sleeve. Naturally, I went to their website to see if I could find who the instructor is and low and behold, what did I find?

A whole slew of gun safety violations proudly splashed across their site:






Despite all the happy trigger finger pictures they post on their website, the Las Vegas Gun Range clearly knows better, since they have these basic firearms safety tips posted on their site:


Even gun ranges need to have their feet held to the fire – especially when they’re so blatantly negligent when it comes to gun safety. It’s not just enough to say you’re safe or promote gun safety on your website, you have to follow through and demand that not only do your customers abide by the rules but that anyone demonstrating firearms to new shooters is the very model of a safe gun owner.


The fact that not only is Las Vegas Gun Range ignoring the rules of gun safety, they’re promoting bad practices on their website and across social media is pushing their irresponsible behavior to the next level.

What happens at this Las Vegas gun range shouldn’t happen anywhere.

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