Anti-2A Theatre Production Gets Hefty Contribution From Unwitting Gun Owners

Hey there, fellow gun owning American taxpayers! Do you know what your hard-earned dollars are going to fund now? Well, aside from the usual government waste in the bottomless federal sinkhole, now a little bit of your cash is also helping fund a theatrical performance of gun-control propaganda.

You read that right, the taxpayer-funded National Endowment for the Arts has issued a $10,000 grant to the theatrical production “gUN COUNTRY” by the Houses On The Moon Theater Company of Jackson Heights, N.Y. The production, which has also received contributions from New Yorkers Against Gun Violence and the Brady Campaign To Stop Gun Violence, doesn’t sound like ‘theater’ at all.


With the help of our community partners, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence and the States United to Prevent Gun Violence, this is the first part of a longer developmental process we are conducting to develop an original theater piece that explores the impact of the gun and gun violence on American life,” their website says.

MRCtv reports:

The NEA grant will also include “Trajectories” from Houses on The Moon Theater, described as “a live storytelling program of stories from people whose lives have been touched by guns.”

The NEA grant abstract informs us that this “art” (certainly not a push for a political agenda, right?) features “Post-show discussions (that) will include experts on violence intervention, psychologists, epidemiologists and policy makers.”

This funding is consistent with the $35,000 the NEA granted to the production of “American Song” in Milwaukee, Wisc. last year.

Can you imagine the NEA granting $35,000 or even $10,000 to a theatrical performance of “To Keep And Bear Arms: The Story of How Guns Save Lives in Everyday America”? Or the backlash they’d get from the gun control agenda and citizens for doing so?

According to the theater company’s website, the performance has been described by audiences as powerful, soul stirring, (sic) deeply moving, surprising, hopeful, and even humorous.


Maybe some people think it’s a joke to misappropriate taxpayer dollars for the sake of spreading gun control propaganda, but I, for one, am not laughing.

Want to give the NEA a piece of your mind? Contact them [HERE]

May 27, 2022 1:15 PM ET