Governor Cuomo to Throw More Than $13.3 Million at Gun Violence

New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo

For a state so heavily steeped in gun control, you’d think gun violence wouldn’t be a problem. But it seems New York is so rife with gun crimes, that Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has dedicated more than $13.3 million in funding to help combat gun violence.


“This administration continues to work tirelessly to combat gun violence in our communities and help prevent the needless tragedy that comes with it,” Cuomo said of the initiative. “The GIVE initiative provides law enforcement with resources and training to bolster public safety, strengthen communities that are hardest hit by crime and create a stronger, safer New York for all.”

The funding will go to the 17 counties participating in the state’s Gun Involved Violence Elimination (GIVE) initiative. GIVE provides technical assistance, training, equipment, and personnel – such as prosecutors and crime analysts –to help communities reduce violent crime.

Cuomo, who has previously suggested Democrats shut down the government to force action on gun violence, is a staunch supporter of the Brady Campaign (his sister Maria Cuomo Cole is on the board) and a bonafide mafioso in the gun control movement. All this despite the fact that after signing the Safe Act, the 2013 gun-control law enacted following Sandy Hook, his popularity took a nose-dive across upstate New York.


In 2015, when asked if he envisioned additional gun control measures in New York, Mr. Cuomo said, “I’m urging federal action because it’s the only way you can make a real difference.”

Governor Cuomo did not specify where the $13.3 million in funding to combat gun violence would be coming from in this morning’s announcement.

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