VIDEO: Hickock45 Sets off the Mossberg Shockwave

Popular YouTube gunner Hickock45 got his hands on the Mossberg Shockwave and set it off!

“Have you ever seen anything like that?” he asks, after eliminating a pineapple and a 2 liter of soda with the firearm. “That actually will be, if it’s not already, in your neighborhood on your store shelf, believe it or not, you can go in and buy it, depending on what state you live in, just like you would a full-length Mossberg and it has a 14″ barrel.”


“Don’t forget, one reason things like this and thousands of other firearms are available is because we have the opportunity to join the fight. I hope you’re an NRA member; if you’re not, go to the site in the description. Join up and help out please, please,” he asks his viewers. “If you’ve been riding in the wagon, come on – help pull the wagon a little bit. You help us, you help the NRA and you help the Second Amendment fight especially.”

Check out the full video of the Mossberg 590 Shockwave here:


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