2A in the USA: Regulations Rundown From Coast to Coast

With so many pro-Second Amendment and gun control legislation flying around from coast to coast, it can get hard to follow what’s happening where. But we waited eight long years for a shot at strengthening our constitutional right to keep and bear arms, so we can’t stop pushing now!


Here’s a rundown of the states that need our help to strengthen and defend the 2A in the USA:

UTAH: Looking to eliminate restrictive clauses to expand gun rights.

On Wednesday, May 24, 2017, Chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources Rob Bishop (R-UT) introduced H.R. 2620, the “Lawful Purpose and Self-Defense Act.” This bill would remove ATF’s authority to use the “sporting purposes” clauses in federal law in ways that could undermine the core purpose of the Second Amendment. Under Chairman Bishop’s legislation, all lawful purposes – including self-defense – would have to be given due consideration and respect in the administration of federal firearms law. [LEARN MORE]

NORTH CAROLINA: Can legislators make constitutional carry stick in the Tar Heel State?

On Wednesday, May 31, 2017, House Bill 746, an omnibus gun bill that makes a number of improvements to existing law, passed the House Judiciary IV Committee.  HB 746 is now scheduled for a hearing in the House Finance Committee tomorrow.  Introduced by state Representative Chris Millis (R-16), this legislation would establish that carrying a concealed firearm without a permit is legal in North Carolina, just as carrying openly without a permit has always been.  Among other things, HB 746 would also make clarifications to the law that allows for the carrying of firearms on church property when the church also has an education facility as part of its property.  Further, it would eliminate the requirement that applicants for a Pistol Purchase Permit sign a notarized waiver to allow sheriffs to access the mental health records of the applicant. [LEARN MORE]


CALIFORNIA: Big brother aims to put dealers on lock down.

May 31, 2017, the California Senate passed Senate Bill 464 by a vote of 25-14. SB 464, sponsored by Senator Jerry Hill (D-13) would increase the storage and security requirements of all firearms in the inventory of a licensed firearms dealer.  California already has some of the strictest laws in the country regarding how dealers must store and secure firearms.  This bill simply places more costs and mandates on law-abiding business owners. SB 464 will now be transmitted to the Assembly for further consideration. [LEARN MORE]

UTAH: Residents may be required to fork over more dough to exercise their right to carry.

The NRA-ILA has learned that the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) is planning to increase the cost of a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP) by more than 50%.  BCI has confirmed to NRA that it is their intention to raise the fee by $20, effective July 1.  Currently, first-time resident CFP applicants pay a $37 fee to BCI.  That $37 consists of a state fee of $24.75 plus a $12 fee charged by the FBI to process fingerprint cards.  These fees are authorized under the Utah State Code.  If the fee increase is implemented, the state portion of the fee would increase over 80%, and the overall cost of applying for an initial CFP will increase from $37 to $57. [LEARN MORE]

MAINE: Pro-gun legislation needs your support.

With only a few weeks left in the 2017 legislative session, several important pro-gun bills are still pending action in the Maine Legislature.  Additionally, there is one anti-gun bill, Legislative Document 351, pending action as well.  The Legislature could debate these bills at any time this week.


Legislative Document 9, sponsored by state Representative Patrick Corey (R-25), would prohibit a government agency or political subdivision of Maine from keeping a list or registry of privately owned firearms, or a list or registry of the owners of those firearms. Legislative Document 31, sponsored by state Representative Eleanor Espling (R-65), addresses problems and concerns with the state’s current “Citizen Initiative” process. Legislative Document 988, sponsored by state Senator Garrett Mason (R-22), would provide an important exemption for the possession of a firearm in a motor vehicle on public school property, or the property of an approved private school while dropping off or picking up a student. [LEARN MORE]

CONNECTICUT: Politicians look to pilfer from pistol permit profits.

On Tuesday, May 30, 2017, the Connecticut Senate passed Senate Bill 1059 in an attempt to reduce the budget deficit before the end of the fiscal year; however, in the proposal, the Senate approved taking a total of $300,000 from the “pistol permits photographic costs account” and the “ammunition certificates account.”  This bill is now pending consideration on the House floor. [LEARN MORE]

MICHIGAN: Constitutional Carry on the move!

On Tuesday, May 30, 2017, a Michigan House panel approved legislation that would allow Michigan residents to carry concealed without the requirement of a permit. The pro-Second Amendment bills passed in 6-4 votes to send them on to the full House and would require Senate approval and Gov. Rick Snyder’s signature to become law. [LEARN MORE]


PENNSYLVANIA: Democrats are trying to close a “background check loophole”

On Tuesday, May 30, 2017, Democrats unveiled House Bill 1400, which would add a paragraph to section 6111 of the state code, sale or transfer of firearms, requiring background checks on all gun sales.

“While there is no single solution to this terrible problem, there are measures that can and must be taken. HB 1400 would accomplish one of those measures by closing Pennsylvania’s background check loophole in firearms purchases by requiring universal background checks on all gun sales,” said Dean through a House spokesperson. “This step is common sense; it is what 90 percent of the public wants, and it will save lives.” [LEARN MORE]

OHIO: Pro-gun legislation 

House Bill 233 would remove the legal consequences for carrying a concealed weapon into prohibited spaces if the person leaves upon request. House Bill 201 would eliminate the licensing requirement for someone to carry a concealed weapon. House Bill 228 would give prosecutors the burden to disprove a self-defense claim in a fatal shooting, rather than placing the burden on the defendant to prove the motive as well as remove the obligation of concealed-carry holders to retreat before using force in self-defense. [LEARN MORE]

NEW YORK: It’s all for the children, you know. 

Democrats in the Empire State are pushing legislation that would require child-proof triggers on all guns sold in New York. Senate Bill S3444‘s aims to halt the sale of any firearm without child-proofing by prohibiting persons, firms or corporations engaged in the retail business of selling firearms from selling, delivering or transferring child operated firearms; defines “child operated firearm” to mean a pistol or revolver manufactured 1 year after the effective date of these provisions which does not contain a childproofing device or mechanism incorporated into the design of such pistol or revolver to effectively preclude an average 5-year-old from firing same; makes violations a class A misdemeanor. [LEARN MORE]


WISCONSIN: Constitutional carry on trial in the Dairy State

On Wednesday, May 31, 2017, second amendment advocates urged a state Senate committee to approve a Republican bill which would allow Wisconsinites to carry concealed weapons without permits or training, saying the measure would restore Wisconsin residents’ constitutional right to keep and bear arms. [LEARN MORE]

Now let’s get out there and RALLY for these states, patriots!!

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