'The View' Spews off on Second Amendment, "It's About a Militia!"

In the aftermath of the congressional shooting in Alexandria, VA. yesterday, the ladies of The View, or as I call it: The Spew, attempted to usher in world peace by tackling the perceived gun problem in America: the right to keep and bear arms, AKA the Second Amendment.

Referencing the shooting, host Sunny Hostin reported the shooter had an Illinois firearm permit and a license to carry concealed, before stating, “In Virginia, the gun laws are very very lax, they’re very very loose.”

After a brief aside in which host Joy Behar claimed if she lived in ‘one of these states’ with open carry, she would never take public transportation for fear “some guy on the subway would have a fit, just go mad because he was upset somebody took his seat … and shoot somebody else,” Hostin piped up to say the United States needs to model themselves after more civilized countries.

“We need to follow the lead of other countries, if you look at Japan, there is almost no gun violence,” Hostin said. “In fact, it’s like the chance of being killed by a gun are just the same as the chances in the United States as being struck by lightning, its like one in a million.”

“But they don’t have the Second Amendment in Japan,” replied Behar.

Thankfully, conservative co-host Jedediah Bila was at the table to share a little real-world experience with the ladies.

“When I go to states like Arizona, states like Texas, I’m not worried about law abiding citizens carrying guns,” Bila said, trying to set the record straight. “They don’t make me nervous. I feel much more comfortable knowing that if something happens you have law abiding citizens that have gone through background checks, that have been trained.”

Then Whoopi accused Bila of lying when she stated she’s never been afraid to be around people with guns, and finally revealed what she really wanted to talk about.

“Let’s talk about the Second Amendment,” Goldberg blurted out. “The Second Amendment is about a militia. That’s what it says!”

“That’s the time it was written,” Bila responded. “It’s the right to bear arms, to protect yourself and your family.”

Unable to hold her tongue, Hostin snorted, “Not to protect yourself and your family, that’s not what the Second Amendment is about.”

…and she was serious.


Dear ladies, here is a helpful diagram to help you understand the Second Amendment: