Homeowner Shoots Knife-Wielding Man Following his Teenage Boys in Utah

A homeowner in Riverton, UT was forced to confront a pantsless, knife-wielding, intoxicated man following his teenage boys up to their house Monday night.

The bizarre series of events began when 36-year-old Derrick Palmer decided to go drinking at a friends house. Intoxicated and apparently hot, Palmer walked out of his friend’s house and into the street where he began taking off his clothing.


Meanwhile, two teenage boys were driving to their home nearby saw Palmer in the middle of the street and called their parents as they drove past their house and around the block. Unified Police Lt. Brian Lohrke said the parents could see Palmer outside their home and told the teens they would open the garage so they could drive in quickly to avoid Palmer.

The boys made it into the garage and safely into the house, but Palmer, who had put his clothes back on, began approaching the family’s home. This prompted the homeowner to arm himself and confront the drunk man in his driveway.

A fight ensued and the homeowner, still armed, attempted to restrain Palmer. He eventually pinned Palmer, but the inebriated imbecile continued to fight.

Lohrke said the homeowner finally got up and walked back into his garage, but Palmer followed him, yelling, “That gun is not even loaded!”

When the homeowner replied, “It’s loaded,” Palmer pulled out a knife and asked, “Are you going to shoot me now?”

KSL.com reports:

At that point, witnesses have given conflicting stories about whether Palmer threw his knife at the homeowner or dropped it. But it prompted the homeowner to fire twice, hitting Palmer in the jaw and chest, the lieutenant said.

The wife called 911 while this was happening. When officers arrived, they found Palmer on the ground and the homeowner still watching over him with his gun, Lohrke said.

The officers, who were still trying to figure out what was going on, ordered the homeowner to drop the gun. The homeowner was compliant with the officers’ orders and got on the ground after putting his gun aside.

The homeowner was initially placed in handcuffs as officers began an investigation. That’s when Palmer tried to move.

“Palmer gets up at that point as they’re handcuffing the homeowner, sees the gun and attempts to go for it,” Lohrke said.

The officers were able to get to the gun first, prompting Palmer to try and make a run for the house, he said. Officers then deployed a Taser on Palmer and he was taken into custody.


Palmer was taken to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries and is listed in serious condition.

Hopefully, a little jail time will dry him out and he’ll lay off the booze from now on, but what do you think? Did the homeowner do the right thing, or should he have stayed inside the house and called the police?

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