Gun Control Senator Goes Full Derp After Watching Latest NRA Ad

Dear God, these people are horrid.

Liberal Conneticut anti-Second Amendment Senator Chris Murphy loves to push the envelope with his inflammatory gun control narrative, but his response to the latest NRA ad featuring Dana Loesch calling for Americans to stand up to the violent left with “the clenched fist of truth” is despicable… even for him!


His gun control harpies quickly chimed in with their fauxrage.

An attorney from California asked Senator Murphy to pull the Tweet, but not because it was a blatant lie:

Funny how Dana’s NRA ad called for us to stand up to the violent left by sharing the truth and liberals took it as an opportunity to share more lies and used it to spread hateful rhetoric.


What does Dana have to say about these attempts to shut her and the NRA down?


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